Cee Lo Green's first charge to take the stage on tonight's live episode of 'The Voice' is the lovable, snuggable, and handsome Cody Belew, who believes he was an elderly African American woman in a past life.


Belew was tasked with singing 'One More Try' by George Michael because his coach felt like he needed a "moment" - and one that didn't include him cursing out of excitement and nearly assaulting a judge out of said excitement... despite our hopes for the latter.

Belew definitely had his "I'm here" moment while performing, and it couldn't come at a better time considering it's the live shows and all. His voice was strong and his range was unlike a range we had previously seen, er, heard, from him before, so it was refreshing to know that there is actual talent (we're looking at you, 4/5 of Team Christina) still fighting for a chance at the big W.

It was a nice change of pace for the competition, given that a lot of the other performers choose uptempo songs to enhance their stage presence to win over the audience at home who'd be voting for their survival, but Belew was smooth in his delivery and gave a genuinely great performance. Even we smiled throughout it all, and we're as icy as that starfish hanging on Christina's head.

Adam Levine, rocking a serious leather jacket, called it a brilliant choice of song for his look-alike, and was finally convinced enough to be a believer. Belewver? No, doesn't work. Blake Shelton concurred with his faux-boyfriend Levine, exclaiming that it was his best performance on the show so far.

Eff it. We're Belewver's. Trademark pending.