A metal musician and DJ went viral on TikTok sharing a video of him accidentally tossing a guitar at his concert photographer instead of his guitar technician.

The video sees musician Sullivan King turning around on stage and flinging his guitar backward at a flabbergasted photographer, who freezes and dodges the flying instrument coming straight at him.

As an annoyed guitar tech storms out on stage, King holds his hands up in a gesture that appears to question why the photographer didn't try to catch the guitar anyway, despite the fact he's also holding his camera.

"0 days without incident on the job site," King captioned the video. Watch the moment unfurl, below:

"The photographer is like 'That wasn't in the job description.' Glad he's okay though," one viewer commented on the clip.

"Can’t blame him tbh (yes I can he so coulda caught it)," King replied.

However, many people were on the photographer's side.

"I believe the person who threw the really expensive guitar across the stage is ultimately responsible," one person shared.

"As a photographer I’m not dropping my camera to save the guitar," someone else wrote.

"He said 'not my job,' which to be fair, it's not. Protect your own gear camera man!" another person agreed.

"As a photographer my camera is probably worth over $6,000 ... I’m breaking my arm before I drop it," one photographer chimed in.

"As an event photog, I am saving my own gear because it costs more than yours lmao," someone else commented.

When another user asked if the photographer snapped any shots of the flying guitar, King responded, "NAH HE F-N DIDN’T LOL."

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However, after the mishap, there was seemingly no bad blood between the musician and the photographer. In a follow-up video posted a few weeks after original incident, King invited the photographer on stage to try catching his guitar this time, with plenty of notice.

"We would like to give him [the photographer] a shot at redemption of catching a guitar," King tells the audience in the video, before the photographer successfully catches the instrument.

"Turning my photographer into a guitar-catching king," King joked in the caption. Watch, below:

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