Benefits of competitive eating: gigs on The Tonight Show, millions of devoted YouTube followers and, as of this week, the ability to raise the dead.

Kevin Strahle, a YouTube personality who became famous for eating a cactus, gave '90s buffs the thrill of their lifetimes on Monday (June 8) when he tweeted a letter from Pepsi that appeared to confirm the return of novelty soda Crystal Pepsi. In April, Strahle uploaded a video called "Pepsi Needs To Bring Back Crystal Pepsi," which spawned a petition that has amassed more nearly 35,000 signatures.

*Trigger warning* for empathetic regurgitators: This video contains puking.

"We've had customers ask to bring back their favorite products before, but never with your level of enthusaism and humor," the company allegedly wrote Strahle on Crystal Pepsi letterhead. "...we think you'll be happy with what's in store."

Still, Strahle doesn't plan to quiet his campaign efforts until he's holding a tangible bottle of his favorite beverage, and has even tweeted that he plans to camp out on the Pepsi HQ lawn until the big wigs inside make a firm plan to get Crystal Pepsi back on shelves and inside vending machines. Keep fighting the good fight, friend...

Think Crystal Pepsi's really making a comeback, and will it find its way to your grocery list?

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