Although David Guetta's sixth studio album Listen came out almost a year ago at this point, his single game is still going strong.

On Friday, Guetta uploaded the official music video for his latest single "Band My Head," a newly remixed version which now features both Sia and Fetty Wap — neither of whom actually appear in the video, sad to say.  EW reports that this remixed version is set to appear on the Listen re-issue, which is titled Listen Again and is due out on November 27.

The video begins with a dramatic spoken-word monologue that sets the tone for the narrative that follows. As the female narrator begins, "Sometimes you're forced to make a choice: see the bet, raise the bet, or fold. Some may say it's the same in love, like banging your head against the wall."

What follows is exactly that: a conflation of love and gambling that results in Guetta losing a game of poker, only to be redeemed by the sultry woman next to him by means of an underground horse race that is equal parts Kentucky Derby, Tron, and Roman gladiator in terms of aesthetics.

bang my head horse race

The romance plot of the video runs slightly counter to the song's original lyrics, which describe the process of finding the courage within yourself to get up after being knocked down: "Thought I lost my fight / Couldn't find my way back home / And I found the light stepping out of me." For Guetta in the video, though, his light comes in the form of a scrappy, yet insanely beautiful and glamorous woman.

The newly added Fetty Wap verse is perhaps the most striking feature of both the song and the video because of its possible connection to Guetta's recent divorce from Cathy Lobé. Fetty Wap raps about the all the stress that comes with "the fans and the cameras / Different places and adventures," noting that it all makes him "wonder if it's worth it." Yet despite these doubts, he (and by extension Guetta) is able to take comfort in his children, to whom he gives his "life with no thought."

A humbling sentiment from a DJ-dad who implies he is otherwise "too far up" and "cannot fall."

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