Demi Lovato suffered a heartbreaking loss last week when her dog, Buddy, passed away from what she then called a "tragic accident." Details of his death have surfaced since, and today (July 31) Demi shared a touching photo tribute as she continues to mourn him.

Demi posted a split image of photos of Buddy on Instagram, captioning it with, "We can't thank you all enough. This has been the most painful week of my life but because Wilmer and I had so much love and support, I've been able to stay strong and will continue to get through this difficult time. The out pour of love and support has been unbelievable and it means the world to us. Love you all tons and ton…"

The "Cool For the Summer" singer posted a Twitlonger on Tuesday (July 27), informing fans of Buddy's death and asking them to respect her privacy while she copes with the loss. While Demi has yet to officially confirm anything about the accident that killed Buddy, various news sources claim he was involved in a grisly coyote attack. TMZ reports that a coyote made its way into Demi's backyard and attacked the pup. Even worse, Demi was reportedly the person who found Buddy's body.

Sadly, Demi's is not the first dog to die from the result of a coyote encounter. Miley Cyrus' dog, Floyd, suffered a similar fate last year. The "We Can't Stop" singer, a huge animal lover, memorialized her late dog in the form of a tattoo -- she had a portrait of Floyd inked along her ribcage, with the phrase "A Little Help From My Fwends" encircling it.

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