A snippet of One Direction's 'Story of My Life,' the lead single from 'Midnight Memories,' has landed online. Directioners, it may be only 16 seconds of music -- which is like a crumb -- but hey, we'll take it and feast on it.

The sample makes us think that the whole thing is a more contemplative and more serious track, as opposed to the light, fun, frothy pop that has made the band into a billion dollar business.

It's totally fine (and encouraged and welcomed) when the boys to branch out and try new things. Remember 'Little Things?' That was something fresh and deeper, and we loved when 1D went the emotional, thoughtful route with that heartfelt, acoustic tune.

We have the same feeling about this short but sweet taste of new 1D. We like this snippet and we want to hear more. Like duh.

The song drops Oct. 28, BTW.

Dare we say that it sorta reminds us of the Wanted, who switched gears and went the anthemic route with 'We Own the Night,' sidelining the dance pop that we've come to know, love and expect from them in favor of something a little deeper? Yeah, we said it.

We know, it's a sacrilege to mention 1D and the Wanted together, given their past feuds. But the sentiment is the same.