On Reddit, a man went viral with a story about how his "curious" dog fell into a grave during his uncle's funeral.

Thankfully, the pup wasn't hurt — plus, the surprisingly hilarious situation was caught on video!

In a video clip posted to Reddit and re-uploaded to TikTok, a small dog can be seen sitting and barking inside a grave underneath a wooden casket that has yet to be lowered down.

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In the background, someone delivers a religious eulogy as the dog continues to yap. Family gathered around gawk in bewilderment at the situation before one of the funeral attendees finally drops into the grave to retrieve the confused pooch.

"Never knew you'd go in there before your dad," someone quips off-screen to the man who is rescuing the dog.

Watch below:

In the comments section of the original Reddit post, users had plenty of reactions to — and jokes about — the unusual situation.

"I've been told there would be bones here... most likely your dog's argument," one user wrote.

"Ashes to ashes, wuff to wuff," another joked.

"If he's like most uncles, he'd be laughing in his grave at this," someone else shared.

"Going Egyptian with the burial eh?" another person quipped.

"Waiting for those bones to drop," someone else wrote.

However, some viewers judged the family for bringing their dog to the funeral.

"I dunno, but really who ... brings an unleashed dog to a funeral?" one user questioned.

"Leash your [redacted] dogs," another person advised.

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