On tonight's episode (May 31) of 'Duets' -- the second ever -- the superstars and their amateur partners performed some of the most famous duets in history. They're going big on this show. Next week will find one of the amateurs being sent home, so things are heating up.

Here's your PopCrush recap of how things shook down this evening.

Kelly Clarkson:

KC and Jordan Meredith showed their soul on the torchy Pink/Steven Tyler duet 'Misery.' Meredith was in the bottom two last week, which was more shocking than her shock of magenta hair. At the end of the song, Clarkson said, "Sing it, girl," but Meredith's voice cracked until the last power note.

Clarkson sang 'Whenever You Call' with Jason Farol, whose slight rasp added to the song's heft. It was a rebound from last week, as well. They exhibited an easy, breezy chemistry, too, but he was criticized for clinging to heavily to the "Kelly umbilical cord." He "exploded" when he stepped away from her and let go.

John Legend:

The Lege and Bridget Carrington sang 'I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me),' popularized by Aretha Franklin and George Michael. They hoped for a rebound from last week, with Legend chalking it up to poor song choice. Carrington came into her own at the end of the song when she hit her stride on those runs. It was a fun and playful duet.

Johnny Gray had to bow out of the competition, with no reason given other than unforeseen circumstances, so Legend had to rapid fire audition a replacement. He chose Meleana Brown, with whom he sang 'Endless Love.' What an entrance, Mel. She sparkled and shined -- with both her dress and her voice! It was lovely, classic, on point and passionate, which aren't always mutually inclusive. She rocketed to the top of the leader board.

Jennifer Nettles:

The Sugarland singer and John Glosson tore through 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough,' respectfully sticking to the melody, since it's so definitive. Glosson has one of those pretty male voices that you don't stumble upon every day.

Nettles hit the stage with J Rome to perform the upbeat 'You're the One That I Want' from 'Grease.' The two were flirty, playful and they sang the song terrifically. It could have been good or bad, but it was very, very good. Rome showed off his swagger, and even added a little range to the end of the song.

Robin Thicke:

With Olivia Chisholm, the well-coiffed Thicke performed 'Where Is the Love?' It was a sexy, dreamy ballad, and these two exuded and exhibited a nice chemistry. She has a truly pretty voice.

When he got onstage with Alexis Foster, Thicke crooned 'You're All I Need to Get By' while playing piano. They played off one another beautifully with swagger, but the duet felt disconnected due to the presentation, with him seated behind his instrument and having physical distance from Foster.

At the end of the night, Meleana Brown and J Rome were tied for first, with Olivia Chisholm at the bottom.