In honor of Michael Clifford's new Final Fantasy-inspired tattoo, we have to ask: Michael Clifford vs. Ed Sheeran -- whose cartoon tat do you like better?

Truth be told, Ed Sheeran has multiple cartoon tattoos -- including Puss in Boots from Shrek as an ode to his swoon-worthy + track, "Wake Me Up." But our personal fave is the cartoon penguin Pingu, and yes, it's partly because it's a matching "bro tat" with Harry Styles, who has the name of the little penguin inked on his skin as well. Ed revealed to MTV that Pingu is a children's program in England, and well, we guess he must love it enough to have it permanently inked on his skin for the rest of his life. Basically Ed Sheeran's arm is a colorful oasis of ink and we're in love. Check out his Pingu tat in the photo below.

Can we just talk about the fact that Michael Clifford's mom was the one to debut his latest tat to the world? Obsessed. Of course, it would make sense that she would Instagram it, as she revealed that the intricate black lines on his arm actually represent the Final Fantasy symbol for "home." Awww! While we thought Michael's tat was intriguing just from the photo, now that we have the sentimental meaning behind it, we love it even more. Check out Michael Clifford's cartoon tat in the pic below.

Whose cartoon tattoo do you like better? Cast your vote for Ed Sheeran or Michael Clifford in the poll below.

See Ed Sheeran's Cartoon Tattoo

Ed Sheeran

See Michael Clifford's Cartoon Tattoo

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