One Direction may have been touting Ed Sheeran's talents in America as soon as they landed on U.S. soil back in 2012, but the UK singer says he owes the majority of his success to Taylor Swift.

During an episode of Fuse’s Revealed, Sheeran said opening for Swift during her 2013 Red Tour made an obvious impact on his career.

He said, “Having an endorsement like Taylor Swift in America will help anyone. I thinks she’s like, Miss America. There’s no one really bigger than her in America, and if she says she likes anything, people kind of take notice of it. So to be able to tour with her for six months really helps."

Sheeran also noted that although his opening slot didn't immediately translate into more album sales, it helped him build a steady fan base over time: "It was weird because I remember taking on the tour and thinking that it would really help my record sales going on the tour, and by the end of the tour the record hadn’t really moved at all. I was kind of thinking, ‘Oh man, did that tour help?’"

Eventually, he determined that it did: "But by the time the next tour went on sale the tickets just sold out like that. So I realized that going on tour with Taylor wasn’t necessarily about selling records, it was about becoming a household name over the course of six months and then being able to build up a big, live fan base. It helped in a way that I didn’t expect. "

Watch Ed Sheeran give praise to the almighty Swift in the video above.

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