Ed Sheeran is treating fans to a new song a day from his upcoming sophomore album, ‘X,’ leading up to its June 23 release. Today’s preview track is the melancholic love song ‘Photograph.’

The 23-year-old singer covers a wide range of topics on his new album (pronounced ‘Multiply’), including addiction in his mid-tempo tune ‘Bloodstream’ and Alzheimer’s Disease in ‘Afire Love,’ which is dedicated to his late grandfather. Of course, there are some good, old-fashioned love songs as well, and ‘Photograph’ is one of them.

The song starts off with just Ed and a guitar, putting all of the focus on his sweet if not wistful lyrics. He croons in the chorus, “We keep this love in a photograph / We made these memories for ourselves / Where our eyes are never closing / Our hearts were never broken / And time’s forever frozen, still.”

Ed strikes a seesawing feeling with this song, giving and taking away hope with each verse, and with the juxtaposition of the soft guitars and punchy drum beats that join later. His repetition of “Wait for me to come home” throughout the track is the biggest anchor for hope and is also the line that will stick with you even after the song has come to an end.