Some bad news for Eminem: It looks like he is being sued by an MC known as Raymond Jones, who raps with the group Hot Stylz, claiming their song, 'Lookin Boy,' was sampled by the '8 Mile' rapper without their permission.

According to TMZ, Raymond is reportedly suing Eminem and his label for eight million dollars. The song in question is called 'Rap God,' and it does feature a short, 25 second sample in the middle of the track. The song actually broke the Guinness World Record for being a hit single to contain the most words --  1,560 of them. And in it, he does pay homage to a large number of different rappers, which may be where the alleged sample comes into play.

This isn't the first time Eminem has been embroiled in legal battles, but last time he was the one filing the suit. Back in 2011, Eminem sued the German automative company, Audi, for allegedly plagiarizing his Chrysler 200 Imported From Detroit commercial. That case wound up settling out of court.

What do you guys think? Does 'Rap God' clearly sample 'Lookin Boy' or is it too close to tell? Check out Eminem's song here (warning: there's some NSFW language) and Hot Stylz's song here and let us know what you think!

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