As if Emma Stone could possibly get any more adorable, the 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' actress just got bangs! While the redheaded beauty looked just as gorgeous without them, we think that the new cut makes her look so stylishly chic -- but at the same time, still just as fun and playful as she always has been (see: Building-A-Bear with Vogue and freaking out over the Spice Girls).

But it looks like Stone wasn't the only 'Spider-Man' star to chop her locks this week: Her on- and off-screen boyfriend Andrew Garfield -- aka Spider-Man himself -- buzzed off his signature messy look, and we think he looks hotter than ever. Check out pics of Emma's -- and Andrew's -- new looks below!

Not only did Emma get bangs, it also looks like she dyed part of her hair honey-blonde, going for a subtle ombre look. We're pretty much obsessed.

Neilson Barnard, Getty Images

Emma later paired her new hairstyle with a cream-colored dress for 'The Amazing-Spider Man 2' premiere in New York. The carnation-pink lip perfectly compliments her hair color, and we love the messy-chic waves she adopted for the ensemble. It shows off her bangs even more!

Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images

Close-up! This is the best look yet at Emma's new 'do, and we can see just how rich her ombre color is. We also love how Emma's bangs perfectly graze her eyelashes, showing off her gorgeously green eyes.

Jemal Countess, Getty Images

Bonus! Andrew Garfield also showed off his newly shorn locks, rocking a close-cropped buzz cut while putting his arm around his newly be-fringed GF. So sweet!

Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images