A family recently pulled a hilarious prank on their dad returning home by greeting him at the airport with an outrageous and embarrassing sign.

This trend of creating humorous and eye-catching airport signs has become quite popular, with people going to great lengths to craft messages that make everyone in the arrivals terminal laugh.

In this instance, the video captured by the TikTok user @katieeliza95. The clip begins with people walking back from being on an airplane with a son and his mother anxiously waiting on the other side of a glass wall holding a sign.

The dad spots the sign right away and immediately bursts out laughing.

"We got 'em. We got 'em," the son repeats again and again as he begins to move to greet his dad.

"Daddy, we did it. Mommy made me do it, because what you did on the last airport flight," the son said.

The mom then asks what the sign says.

"The sign says, welcome back home from prison. I'm your son," he reads.

The man just laughs and hugs his son before the video ends with a picture of the son holding up the sign outside of a house.

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People in the comments section laughed at the hilarious sign and shared their own reactions to it.

"All the strangers laughing - so great!!" one person said.

"He hugged him like a stranger dad that just got out of prison," joke another person.

"Save that sign…just in case," quipped someone else.

"Core memory achieved!" read a separate comment.

"'Mom made me do it'. You went RIGHT under the bus," a TikTok user said.

The hilarious video amassed more than 6.5 million views.

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