Porn and chin implants: out! Lip injections: in! That's how it goes in 'Teen Mom' star Farrah Abraham's world.

The reality starlet, who kicked her porn career to the curb and who had her chin implant removed only a year after having it inserted, has admitted to receiving lip injections as she seeks out a full, plump pout.

Sophia's mom, who is reportedly dating DJ Brian Dawe, said, "I'm trying out collagen injections, something fun and it’s not permanent."

Abraham is just 22, so all these surgical enhancements have us a bit worried about her self-esteem. Why not just be au naturel?

Abraham should be more concerned about her new BF's driving habits. He apparently racked up 37 driving infractions in the past decade, ranging from not paying tolls to operating unsafe vehicles to driving on a suspended license, according to a RadarOnline report.

Let's hope Sophia is not allowed in or near any car her operates. He doesn't seem to put safety first with a behind-the-wheel record like that.