Ariana Grande is so gorgeous, she could pretty much shave her head and still look beautiful. Lucky for us, the 'Victorious' starlet prefers long, flowing locks as opposed to the cue ball look, and over the years, she's worn her majestic strands in a variety of shades, ranging from brown-to-blond ombre highlights to a deep, almost crimson red.

Now, the question is, out of the four standout shades she's had, which hair color do you think looks best on Ariana Grande? Tough pick, right?

Most recently, at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, 'The Way' songstress showed up with a stunning and fashion-forward ombre dye job. Styled in her usual ringlets, Grande kept her 'do tied back halfway, so that her newly bleached strands could be on full display.

Before that, in Dec. 2012, Grande went for a more au natural look when she was seen out and about with chocolate-y brown waves. But these deep, dark locks must've been a transition period between the electrifying red hair she is so often seen with, as that's her 'Victorious' character's (Cat Valentine) signature shade on the Nickelodeon series.

And if you turn your attention to the last picture, you'll see baby Ariana with her actual natural hair. The songstress is of Italian ascent, and she looks absolutely lovely with her adorable, black curls, which offsets her skin tone wonderfully.

So, Ariana addicts, which is your favorite hair color on the pop singer? Vote below!

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