Selena Gomez's already-stellar Revival single, "Same Old Love," has officially been elevated by a contribution from rapper Fetty Wap.

A brand new remix sees Fetty bookending "Same Old Love" with a feature that stays largely faithful to the song's initial incarnation. His vocals are layered over the the original intro, bending his own melody to fit just so, like the missing piece to a nearly complete puzzle. Fetty begins the remix by rap-singing, "I am so sick / I’m hoping you’ll notice, yeah baby / So sick of the same old love / Like a dose of the same old drug, yeah baby / Really starting to get under my skin."

The song then launches back into Selena's verses, until Fetty closes out the track just as well as he started it: "Baby, and I don't mean to make you cry / Baby, thought you were my ride or die."

Fetty's more-than-competent feature has us shaking our fists once more at the terrible, unjust Grammy gods in the sky who made the mind-boggling decision to exclude him from what should've been a well deserved Best New Artist nomination. We are, however, lucky that they at least chose to nominate Meghan Trainor for that award...even though she rose to popularity in 2014.

Selena's "Same Old Love" remix marks the second time in this album cycle she's reached out to a popular rapper to contribute to one of her tracks: She previously collaborated with A$AP Rocky on the super sultry "Good For You."

Do yourself a favor and listen to Fetty's feature on "Same Old Love" in the video above.

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