FLETCHER is pop royalty in the making—so it's no wonder her latest single, "Princess," has such a fitting title.

Don't get it twisted, though: The New Jersey-bred singer-songwriter, who spirited away to Nashville to craft her glistening debut EP, Finding Fletcher, is no damsel in distress. "Princess" is a smokey slice of electro-pop that starts off as a glitchy, sweetly atmospheric jam before exploding into a sweeping anthem about self-empowerment.

"Why's there always gotta be a hero? / What if Cinderella had to save herself? / It's not like we don't need a little help / But maybe it's a good thing to go through little hell," FLETCHER sings on the girl-powered track, making a valid point: Embrace #thestruggle, because it's what makes you stronger.

To celebrate the song's powerful message, we asked the artist to put together a special playlist for us, featuring some of her favorite songs from fellow rising pop royals.

Check out FLETCHER's specially curated playlist below, along with her commentary on her individual selections, and be sure to subscribe on Apple Music.

FLETCHER — "Princess"
This is the most personal song I’ve ever written and the song that I hold closest to my heart. I wrote it during a time where the women around me that I loved and admired were going through some dark times. It’s about holding your head high when life gets tough and embracing the difficult s--- we go through because it makes us who we are and it’s part our story.

Maggie Rogers — "Alaska"
This song is just the best, isn't it? I went to the Clive Davis Institute of Record Music at NYU with Maggie. We just graduated. She is the kindest and most deserving person of the recognition she’s gotten from her first single. The vibe of "Alaska" is Maggie in song form, raw and memorable.

Hey Violet — "Brand New Moves"
These girls are the coolest girls in high school you didn't even realize were cooler than you. I dig the edge they embrace. This song is reminiscent of Lorde, but with a bit of a poppier sensibility in the production.

Maggie Lindemann — "Pretty Girl"
I've been following Lindemann for a second (and not just on Instagram). It's cool to see how a simple song such as this sonically can be so damn catchy, and not to mention relatable. I love the feel-good anthemic vibe to this.

Zara Larsson — "Ain’t My Fault"
I had to include Larsson's latest single because it has grown on me so much since the first time I heard it. I can NEVER get it out of my head. I love when she says her Uber is right outside...beyond relatable for us millennials who live in New York.

Dua Lipa — "Blow Your Mind (Mwah)"
Dua Lipa is going to become one of the world's biggest female pop stars, for sure. I like the rebellious, sexy, IDGAF attitude this song has. When I listen, I want to like kick a chair over or something.

Lost Kings ft. Emily Warren — "Phone Down"
I think Emily Warren is quickly going to become one of the most talented pop writers of our generation. She has such a particular style to her writing and I always adore the songs she's apart of, and which she carefully chooses to leave herself on as a feature.

The Chainsmokers ft. Phoebe Ryan — "All We Know"
Everything The Chainsmokers are putting out these days turns to pop gold (or more specifically platinum). I had the opportunity to get in the studio with them earlier this year, and they're awesome dudes. On top of that, Phoebe Ryan went to school with me way back. It's really cool to see people you know collaborating to making meaningful music together, and doing big things.

JoJo — "F--k Apologies"
JoJo's been the best female vocalist since like forever. This single is a killer reintroduction to her as an artist. The song concept is #goals.

Selena Gomez and Cashmere Cat — "Trust Nobody"
I fucking love this song. It’s cool to hear Selena over this type of track. She's gotten so cool since "Good For You" and "Hands to Myself." I'm so ready for her next record. All the vibes.

Anne Marie — "Alarm"
This is one of the best pop songs of the year. Anne Marie is a bad ass, and lyrically I love the risks she took with this song. I hope it pays off for her big time.

Bishop Briggs — "Be Your Love"
I'm all in on Bishop Briggs. She's someone I could totally see myself touring with.
Excited for everything that's happened for her since "River."

Daya — "Sit Still, Look Pretty"
She's independent, and she's already had three chart toppers in the last year. It's super cool to see Daya's growth musically with her debut album. I love the thematic of female empowerment that's at the forefront of her songs.

VERITE — "Somebody Else"
It's cool to see this song blowing up on Spotify, building greater buzz than The 1975's original version. Been a fan of Verite since the beginning.

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