Fletcher's new video for "Wasted Youth" is as free-spirited as the song itself, interweaving footage of the singer-songwriter as a child with scenes depicting the type of mundane yet joyful youthful adventures you want to remember forever.

"We got a lot of time to get it right / It feels good to mess it up, maybe don't think about it," Fletcher sings on the track from her 2016 Finding Fletcher EP. The clip opens with video accompanied with a voiceover from a family member ("Cari! Having fun?") before returning to the present, which finds Fletcher and a friend frolicking around L.A. at night.

The two head to a park with red Solo cups in tow, dance around a laundromat (as Ariana Grande's "Everyday" video recently reminded us, laundromats can be a real hotbed of romance), and wind up making out at the beach.

As euphoric as these scenes are, there's a note of possible nostalgia here too, even if for moments that just recently passed: "Even when it hurts /At least we loved hard /Didn't we, baby?"

Watch Fletcher's "Wasted Youth" music video, directed by Ryan Hutchins, below.

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