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A true music fan never underestimates the power of a positivity jam to lift one's mood, and if you need a new track for your inspirational playlist, we've got just the thing.

FLETCHER unleashed her debut "War Paint" single just two months ago, and to say it's been gathering steam would be an understatement: It racked up 5 million streams in just a month and won raves from high-profile fans like Chloe Grace Moretz and fellow rising star Alessia Cara.

The New Jersey-bred, New York-based musician announces her arrival on "War Paint" with pounding drums, finger snaps and hand claps and she breaks in with a vocal delivery that's sing-song, but far from childish: "They won't see my plan of attack, cause this is our fight, love is not the enemy." Banjo pickings provide an unexpected contrast with the track's thundering percussion.

"The song is about what putting war paint on means to you, fighting for whatever it is you believe in, and overcoming the hardships in your life, no matter how fucked up they may be," Fletcher told PopCrush. "I hope it inspires others to ignite their individuality and to fearlessly fight for whatever is they want out of this crazy life. For me, love sets my soul on fire."

If you like what you hear as much as we do, you can catch FLETCHER live in a handful of tour dates with Alessia Cara.

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