Ten years after the show ended its 10-year run, did we ever think we'd once again see the ladies of 'Friends' in Monica's apartment? Well, Jimmy Kimmel wanted it to happen so badly that he wrote some 'Friends' fan fiction -- and convinced Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow to act it out with him.

Stepping onto a stage that was flawlessly decorated to resemble Monica's apartment (picture frame on the purple door and all!), Kimmel explained that he'd be portraying Ross, who apparently wanted nothing more than to "make love" to Aniston's character Rachel. (And though he even provided Aniston with "the Rachel" wig, she immediately nixed the idea and tossed it off stage. Nooo!)

The fact that Kimmel had persuaded Aniston to once again revisit her most iconic part was enough of a surprise in itself -- but as soon as Courteney Cox (and later, Lisa Kudrow) walked in the door, the audience lost it, cheering so loudly that the actors actually had to pause from their scripts.

But as for the rest of the 'Friends' cast? The guys didn't make an appearance -- but that's because Kimmel wrote them out of his fan fic.

"They're dead," he explained. "Marcel the monkey bit them and gave them monkey rabies and they died." Yikes!

Of course, Jimmy Kimmel's 'Friends' reunion comes right on the heels of the news that a pop-up Central Perk cafe will be coming to NYC this fall.

That's right, world: Bring on everything 'Friends'! We're ready.

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