Um, talk about celebrity doppelgängers! Liam Payne just tweeted a split image of two girls who look so much like him and Niall Horan that we practically had to do a double take.

Warning: You are going to think that it is literally Liam and Niall wearing wigs, but it's not. We repeat: It is not. Prepare to have your mind blown:

Totally cray, right? And because Twitter is obsessed with getting 5/5 -- and, let's be real, these celeb lookalikes would not be complete without the rest of the guys -- fans immediately started tweeting Liam with female doppelgängers for Harry, Louis and Zayn. Fact: They're just as mind-boggling. Check 'em out below!

You can see Louis' female counterpart here -- homegirl is even a model. (Tell us that face isn't a dead ringer for his. Twins!) And head over to Sugarscape for Zayn's lady doppelgänger -- and no, it's not actually him in the 'Best Song Ever' vid. This one even has a baby!

Our conclusion? The Internet is a magical place, and the 1D fandom deserves all the awards.

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