Hold onto your ears hats, people. There may be another Rebeccca Black on the loose. New York singer Gnesa has the Internet abuzz with her just-released a music video for her song 'Wilder.'

With nearly 350,000 views in 10 days, Gnesa's tune is making its mark. But, just like the astonishingly bad lyrics of Black's 'Friday,' 'Wilder' is an example of when tone-deaf vocals meet Casio-quality music. However, this combination, like an audial train wreck, has people listening.

According to her Facebook page, Gnesa is a singer-songwriter based in the Big Apple. On Sept. 30 she assured her 2,500 fans on the social network that her "amazing" new video would be posted soon. "My friends, I'm sorry but i can not put my video on youtube YET ! We have to wait one more week.... but it will be amazing, so good to wait for it....i will let you know guys ; )"

Even though 'Friday' was a complete abomination, it still had an annoying chorus that burrowed itself into your brain whether you wanted it to or not. 'Wilder,' however, lacks any sort of hook or catchy chorus to hold on to, and the video simply consists of Gnesa attempting to give Snooki a run for her money. In short, we give Gnesa an A for effort and an epic fail for, well, everything else.

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