It's no secret that Grimes has mad love for comic books, but in an interview with podcast host Hrishikesh Hirway, the Art Angels maestro revealed that one of her favorite songs, "Kill V. Maim," was specifically inspired by a certain DC villain: Gotham's wacky psychiatrist-turned-femme-fatale Harley Quinn.

The Canadian pop artist shared that while crafting "Kill V. Main," a track she envisioned "would play during an action sequence in a movie," Batman's adversary — known for her maniacal girlish laughter and thick New Yawker accent — became a central vocal inspiration for the aggressive bop.

"When you're making a record and you're never talking to anybody you just start [thinking], 'Oh, I'm gonna try to write in the voice of...something.' Like with [this song, it has] a Harley Quinn kind of vibe — like just sort of this Joker-y, scary demon chorus," Grimes said.

The artist also opened up about her dislike for traditional singing, adding, "I hate singing. It's just not something I identify with at all. I'm pretty much always pretending to be someone else when I'm singing."

"Kill V. Maim" isn't Grimes' only connection to Harley Quinn or the Batman universe, however: In June, the singer-songwriter and producer announced that she has a song called "Medieval Warfare" on the upcoming soundtrack for DC's insane-looking Suicide Squad film.

Listen to Grimes break down the musical components of "Kill V. Maim" on Hirway's Song Exploder podcast, below:

Both the Suicide Squad film and soundtrack will be released August 5.

Grimes' video for "Kill V. Maim" was named in our Best Music Videos of 2016 (So Far!) roundup.

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