Grimes opened up on Twitter about being neurodivergent and how people treat her.

"Sometimes I wonder like… everyone talks [about] accepting everybody but if [you] aren’t the correct type of neurodivergent [people] just [really] f---ing hate you," she tweeted.

"I can’t figure out how to read the room or act normal and I never will. Most [people] legit don't vibe [with] spectrum-y folk," she continued.

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When someone related to the tweet's sentiment and shared they encounter the same thing when people open up to them about serious topics and they accidentally laugh, Grimes replied with her own experience.

"Yo I am extremely bad at figuring out if something is dark comedy or serious haha, this can def lead to super offending [people]," she shared.

Many people commiserated with her on Twitter, sharing their own experiences as people who are neurodivergent.

"I struggle with the same thing, I think a lot of artists do," Na'ku'set Gould, who was in TV series Degrassi, responded to Grimes' tweet.

"I am autistic and coming to terms with me not understanding a lot [of] things has been [really] eye opening and it’s just facts ... we are a lot more open minded spiritually and physically ... I think [more] grounded than most people," another person replied.

Grimes herself has never revealed any personal diagnoses, but she is known for being candid about her own mental health and other issues via social media and in her music.

The singer previously opened up about her experience with panic attacks and advocated for therapy.

The singer also described her music as "ADD music" in a 2012 interview with magazine.

Grimes' former partner and current "best friend" Elon Musk also previously revealed he has Asperger's.

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