Lock ’em up! The girls of G.R.L. are taken away in handcuffs in their new music video for ‘Ugly Heart.’

The multinational girl band released the video for their new single today (July 1), and it’s a bad one — bad as in the girls must have acted out pretty badly to be taken in by the police. They’re dressed in wild outfits that certainly suggest something crazy happened the night before.

The five girls ride along in cop cars to the police station, where they dance on tables singing about a pretty boy with an ugly heart. They serve serious attitude as they drag the boy in the song’s catchy chorus.

In an exclusive interview with PopCrush, member Paula had some info to share on what inspired their latest single: "All of our songs are very empowering to women. Obviously, the story is about breaking up with a guy who you thought was so beautiful on the outside and then really getting to know him and seeing an ugly side to him, hence ‘Ugly Heart.’  What inspired it was giving that message of strength and confidence and being a good person, inside and out. Not just having the exterior surface be all that you are."

At the end of the video, G.R.L. reveal what they did to get back at the ugly-hearted guy and earn themselves their time in handcuffs, but we’ll leave that as surprise. Check out the video for ‘Ugly Heart’ up above to find out!