A man on TikTok is going viral, but for all the wrong reasons.

In a video posted by @ckentertainmentservices, the groom admits that he did not prepare any vows for the occasion and mainly spoke about his wife's body.

"I promise to smack that a-- every chance I get. Booyah," the man said.

"That’s all I got," he concluded his vows with.

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The person conducting the wedding ceremony tried to get the groom to redo his vows. The audience was not pleased with the vows and one person can be heard speaking out against it.

"Cody no," they said.

"I didn’t write nothing out. That’s what I’m going with. We’ve made it this long," he retorted.

People in the comments section of the video could not believe what they just watched and slammed the groomed for his actions.

"'I didn't write nothing out' AKA 'I put no effort into the most important day in our relationship thus far,'" one person commented.

"I would probably cry. he didn’t care enough about her to write vows??" another person shared.

"Y'all think this is cute but if that's all my man said at the ALTER im leaving him thereeee," someone else added.

"This is so sad.. the immaturity, lack of effort, lack of respect, lack of decency and care," someone else commented.

"Even if that’s the kind of humour they have together. The wedding vows should’ve been serious," a separate TikTok user commented.

Since the video was posted, it has gone on to be viewed over 9.5 million times.

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