Dating is tough, and being "ghosted" by someone when things are seemingly going well is a big blow to the ego.

One 27-year-old man is going viral on Reddit after he revealed that he was recently "ghosted" by his date after revealing the name he gave to his dog — DAVID.

He is now wondering, should he change the pup's name to help him land a girlfriend?

Turning to the internet for help, the man shared his all-too-familiar dating disaster story.

"I just met this girl, and we been on a few dates already, but one day she came over to my house and met my dog," he explains.

"When I told her his name is David, she looked really disappointed but didn't say anything, and it's been three days, and she isn't responding to my calls or texts."

Would a dog with a simple, classic, human-inspired dog name be a turn-off when trying to find a long-term partner?

"Did I really mess up? Should I rename my dog?" asks the man.

"Anyone else here have a dog named David?" he jokes.

While it's not confirmed that the dog's name sent this woman running for the hills without warning, the internet seems to agree that he is better off without her.

"She's either not responding for something else that happened on the date or is crazy for ghosting you because your dog has a human name. I think human names for dogs are the best," says one Redditor in the comments.

"If she is hung up on a dog's name, consider what other minor things she may consider a problem. Making a mountain out of a molehill is red flag number one and is only the beginning," comments another user.

"Don't reconsider a name change because someone else doesn't care for it. It's not harming them, and it's only their opinion which does not matter because it is your dog," adds a third.

Another user chimes in that the name could be worse, saying, "I love it. I'm just imagining saying a 'human's name' over and over again when talking to/disciplining them. The same applies to my dog's name but totally opposite direction, Satan. I find it hilarious, and I don't care what people think or how they react."

The anonymous man has garnered a 95 percent upvote, and most Reddit users agree, "She might have ghosted you for other reasons anyway, but please don't rename your dog just to please her."

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