UPDATE (10/20): The video for "Used To Love You" has arrived, which also served as the backdrop during her live premiere at her showcase in New York over the weekend. It's a very emotional one-take of Gwen going through the motions in front of the camera, similar to Sinead O'Connor's iconic "Nothing Compares 2 U" visual.

Used To Love You - Gwen Stefani

My video for #UsedToLoveYou

Posted by Gwen Stefani on Tuesday, October 20, 2015

UPDATE (10/19): "Used To Love You" is officially being released! Gwen teased the single artwork on Instagram, writing "Tonight...... #UsedToLoveYou 🎶🙌🏻" Meanwhile, the studio version just surfaced online.

On Saturday night, pop's resident blonde bombshell Gwen Stefani treated the crowd at New York City's Hammerstein Ballroom to more than just a special throwback set brimming with early 2000s hits.

The artist and Voice judge, who was in town for a special concert in partnership with MasterCard's Priceless Surprises series, debuted a new song, "Used To Love You," which is very likely going to be Stefani's next single. And let us tell you, this track is definitely the real thing when it comes to a Gwen Stefani hit.

The moment happened towards the end of the show, which Stefani teased on Twitter beforehand by tweeting, "Ready for the encore? Hold tight—new single in 5-4-3-2-1!"

Luckily, one of our own was in the audience to capture the performance of the track that Stefani shared she thinks will be the next single. And guys, it's a ballad—and it sounds completely incredible. Take a look:

"Used To Love You" sounds like it could be right at home with the emotive, twinkly electro-pop balladry of Love. Angel. Music. Baby. or The Sweet Escape, as opposed to the misplaced emoji-fueled hip-hop vibes of 2014's "Spark The Fire," which was by all accounts a critical and commercial flop. (Sorry Gwen, you're literally my fave so I can be honest with you here.)

Indeed, the track is a quintessential Stefani ballad, all powerful, raw emotion that references the artist's heartbreaking recent break-up from her husband of thirteen years, Gavin Rossdale: "Never thought this would happen / I’ve let it sink in / You’re gone / Don’t know, know what I’m feeling / I must be dreaming / You’re gone..."

Eerily enough, the surprise track comes just days after our own Bradley Stern penned a piece arguing for Gwen to make a return to the mid-tempo balladry of records past. Sure, the timing's just a little creepy, but hey, it's almost Halloween anyway, right?

In any case... welcome back, Gwen! We've missed you!

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