Those of you who are fans of both Zendaya and Hailee Steinfeld have real reason to rejoice today: A mashup of the artists' hit songs made its way online and it's killer.

Something clicked for the person behind YouTube account Logan Mashups when they listened to Steinfeld's self-love anthem "Love Myself" and Zendaya's "Replay," prompting him (or her!) to combine the tracks together to create one truly cohesive mashup.

The track, which has been dubbed “Replay Myself” by its creator, was posted online earlier today (December 3) and it's worth a listen. Rather than merely splicing together both vocal melodies and having them compete with each other, the creator layered Steinfeld’s “Love Yourself” vocals over the underlying beat from Zendaya’s "Replay."

And if you're interested in more similar mashups, take a look at the full list of videos on Logan Mashup's channel -- the account plays host to all different types from popular artists like Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber and more.

We recently expressed our deep-seated love of mashups in a post that listed eight of our all-time favorites, all of which have a basis in pop music -- who would've thought Carly Rae Jepsen and Nine Inch Nails are a perfect match for each other, you know?

Listen to the mashup in the video above and let us know if you think these two tracks work well together or not.

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