Halsey and Lauren Jauregui are, sadly, "Strangers," not lovers, on the latest track off hopeless fountain kingdom.

Released on Friday (May 26), "Strangers" is an '80s new wave-influenced mid-tempo that recalls the neon-hued romantic melodrama of Black Mirror's "San Junipero" episode.

Over a storm of flickering synths and throbbing synths, the two pop stars trade verses before crashing on the emotionally-charged chorus.

"She doesn't call me on the phone anymore / She's never listening, she says it's innocent / She doesn't let me have control anymore," Jauregui laments in one verse, Halsey responding, "When I wake up all alone and I'm thinking of your skin / I'll remember, I'll remember what you told me..."

Listen below:

ORIGINAL POST (MAY 18): Be still our beating heart! In May, the track list for Halsey's hopeless fountain kingdom revealed that the "Now or Never" singer had teamed up with Fifth Harmony star Lauren Jauregui on a collaboration called "Strangers" and now, thanks to a new radio interview with Zach Sang, we know what the track is all about.

Chatting with the radio show host, Halsey shared that "Strangers" is a pro-LGBTQ love song. "I just love that Lauren and I are two women who have a mainstream pop presence doing a love song for the LGBTQ community. It’s unheard of. It’s very rare to see it from a female perspective," she dished about the upcoming tune.

Meanwhile, Jauregui was an obvious choice for the progressive duet, as Halsey explained during her interview.

"I was thinking to myself, if I want this song to be believable, it needs to be real, so I’m not going to put a girl on the song to sing who’s straight. I’m just not going to do it. So I reached out to Lauren, and she came in and she cut the vocal and it sounds awesome," the singer-songwriter said, adding, "Our voices sound really cool together because we both have really raspy voices. Mine’s a little more delicate than hers. Hers is like really powerful and big and raspy, and mine is kind of like light and raspy. But it’s really cool."

Watch below.

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