Through all her career ups and downs, Lady Gaga remains a glamorous goddess and a fashion influencer. In honor of her big day, we've grabbed Gaga's most glamorous and goofy GIFs.

We dare you to say that five times fast. We bet ya can't!

You can see Gaga being expressive, fashion forward and downright silly thanks to this collection, comprised of 28 GIFs. It shows you all sides of Mother Monster. One thing is for sure -- even when she is goofing off and being cute, she is always glammed out.

Get a kiss from Gaga in goggles.

Light bright eyebrows and another smoochy.

Paws up and a blue-green bob.

Gaga makes high pigtails look mega glam.

Her hair is a work of art.

Even as a skeleton-type, Gaga is glam, thanks to her pink hair.

Watch her smile become shy sheepishness. So cute.

Now that's how you toss your hair, Goddess of Love-style.

A diva with a flower on her face.

One of her most normal, golden blonde looks. Here, you see her natural beauty. We love it.

Can she communicate with life on other planets with that head piece? We also love her big, full laugh!

Granny chic! Only Gaga can make this highly questionable look work.

Is that a "Hmmm?!" or a "Shhh!" Looks like a "Hmmm."

The girl with the golden glove blows a kiss.

She looks so '60s and mod, and then the puff of air totally blows her away.

Another head toss/whirl pose thing...

Glitter girl! Those are some eyebrows...

Champagne with Xtina. #SomeGirlsHaveAllTheLuck

Up close and personal.

Noshing on noodles while fully glammed out.

Quite a hood ornament, right?

We heart Lady Gaga.

Parisian chic with the beret and fur.

She's expressive with her hands, like a true Italian!

White hot.

A makeup-less nymph thinking of her cool Nebraska guy.

Having cereal after a threesome on 'SNL.'