It's the hair and the brains!

One Direction's Harry Styles is arguably the most hotly desired member of a band full of hotly desired British chaps. But he's also single – as is Niall Horan, according to their 'GMA' interview last week. So why is he the most sought-after member of 1D? And what is it that makes him a great boyfriend, since his resume is littered with plenty of famous babes, moreso than his mates? (Cough, Taylor Swift, cough.)

Morgan Spurlock, the director of the 1D doc 'This Is Us,' offered his opinion about what makes Hazza so special and so dreamy. He'd know, since he spent a lot of time getting to know the boys while making the film.

While Spurlock said, "He’s a genuine, open person," it's how Hazza treats his mum that would seem to indicate how he acts when in a romance. Spurlock continued, "He’d make a great boyfriend...He’s a great son. How they treat their mom is always a good sign of how they’ll treat their girlfriend."

Aside from Hazza's good soon-ness, those locks are also a major factor in his role as a magnet for chicks. "Look at that hair, "Spurlock said. "Ladies love the hair. It’s the flowing locks, and his dimples. He’s got good dimples."

But it's also what's going under those Adonis-like locks and between Styles' ears that is also impressive.

"That guy is smarter than the average bear, but people don’t realize it," Spurlock said. "He’s incredibly young and very wise for his age."

You know, if we didn't know any better, we'd think that Spurlock was nursing a bro crush on Hazza. But then again, how could he not? He probably fell under the spell of that hair while filming.