British pop superstar "Harry Styles" was a couch guest on last night's episode (Feb. 18) of 'The Tonight Show' with Jimmy Fallon. Of course it wasn't the One Direction heartthrob. It was actress Kristen Wiig, a former 'SNL' castmate of Fallon's, nailing it with her Hazza impression.

With the poufy hair, cross necklaces and pointy shoes, Wiig had the look down, but watching her try to make up the 1D back story off-the-cuff was hilarious. Rather than reveal they were assembled by 'X Factor' mogul Simon Cowell, she revised the history, saying that they met in school and sent a demo tape to RCA and got signed from there.

Nice try, Kristen!

The other big reveal? "Harry" uses two hair dryers to create his famous coif.

"Harry" even sang 'What Makes You Beautiful' with an assist from the host.

It was super cute and funny and made us feel like Wiig and Fallon were back on 'SNL' doing a sketch. Oh, and remember, Wiig has done an impression of Styles' ex Taylor Swift. She is so plugged int the teen set, isn't she?