One Direction fans were forced to learn the definition of resilience this year after an onslaught of unexpected disasters shook the group so hard that it eventually, if temporarily, fell. Zayn Malik quit the band, Louis Tomlinson impregnated a casual acquaintance, Justin Bieber’s Jesus-heavy Purpose blocked One Direction’s fifth (and likely final) album from debuting at No. 1 in the U.S. To top it all off, they announced an indefinite hiatus, allowing their best album to rot in an empty warehouse somewhere without giving those tracks the due justice a tour would've ensured.

But while your more cynical 1D fans fear they may never see the members of One Direction unite onstage again, hope indeed remains for its individual members to embark on solo careers. And according to song publishing database PRS, Harry Styles may be the first non-excommunicated one to make that attempt.

A fan account tweeted out screenshots of multiple tracks — titled “Coco,” “Endlessly,” “Already Home” and “5378 Miles” — reportedly registered by Styles as both a co-writer and performer.

It should, of course, be noted that just because a song is registered doesn’t necessarily mean the track will be released, or that it was written specifically for Styles to perform. These bizarrely-titled songs could very well fall by the musical wayside and get lost in the void — something we imagine Styles still wishes had happened with 2013’s leaked “Don’t Let Me Go,” a track he'll likely never claim publicly, because it is not very good.

Still, 2016 may bring about an exciting chart battle should Styles and Malik choose to release solo efforts around the same time. May their publicists forever leave them both in control of their Twitter accounts.

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