When Hilary Duff Instagrammed a pic of her new teal hair on Wednesday (March 18), we couldn't help but be reminded of Demi Lovato's turquoise locks. While both singers (and former Disney stars!) look gorgeous in the mermaid-like hue, we have to ask: Whose do you like better?

True fact: Sometimes the PopCrush editors will spend hours obsessing over Hilary Duff's impeccable fashion sense because girl has it going on. While she usually opts for classically chic with just a hint of badass edge, we love that the Younger actress chose to get a little funky with her new 'do. While Hilary may have just been going for the greenish-blue tint as a nod to St. Patrick's Day, we love that she went out of her comfort zone and opted for something completely different -- at least for a little while.

Demi Lovato is pretty much a hair chameleon, so it's always super fun for us to create readers polls based on the "Really Don't Care" singer's various shades. She's like a rainbow of hair, for real. While Demi has gone back to her natural brunette shade, we'll never forget the ombre teal she rocked for a good portion of time back in 2014. The ombre was so gradual that it almost looked natural -- which is a pretty impressive feat to pull off, if you ask us. Plus, the pop of color just made her face glow.

Whose teal hair do you like better? Vote for Hilary Duff or Demi Lovato in the poll below!

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