Look out, Beyonce ... there's another famous mother-to-be who is close to having her baby born in the actual recording studio, which might triumph baby Blue Ivy Carter's vocals being recorded just hours after birth.

Hilary Duff has been hard at work, putting the finishing touches on her forthcoming new album, even though she is just days away from becoming a new mom. In addition to her laying down the vocals, Duff is also chipping away still as a songwriter, co-writing not only for her project, but outside cuts as well. The singer-actress has recently co-written a tune with Victoria Horn for her upcoming album as well.

Duff has been taking the recording process very seriously this time around, even going as far as hiring a coach for vocal lessons. While there is no due date set for Duff's new music on the way, her little bundle of joy should be arriving at any time now. Duff and her husband, Mike Comrie, found out recently that their little one on the way will be a baby boy.

Looks like 2012 is shaping up to be quite an exciting year for Duff fans with all her special arrivals coming throughout the year!