When it comes to the family home, dividing up responsibilities between partners can often lead to arguments.

One woman, however, was shocked when she realized her husband expected her to take care of their two kids and have a hot dinner ready for him when he got home from work, no matter the hour — or if she was sleeping.

The frustrated wife took to Reddit explaining her husband works odd hours as an ambulance driver, so she tries to have food available for him when he gets home since he’s often exhausted from his work day.

However, over the weekend the woman’s husband came home at 11PM, after she had put their kids — two toddlers — to bed and was trying to sleep herself, and demanded she wake up and reheat — not cook, but reheat — his dinner.

“I'm a stay-at-home-mum with 2 kids. My husband is an ambulance driver, he works odd hours and comes home unexpectedly,” the anonymous woman wrote on Reddit. “He expects dinner or lunch ready whenever he gets home, whether I'm sleeping or busy with the kids. It's exhausting but I do it because I know how hard he works.”

Trying to find a compromise, the woman's mom suggested she “start pre-making meals so that dinner or lunch can be ready when he’s home” and he just has to “reheat it.”

“I immediately got to it and went grocery shopping and spent an entire two days making meals and storing them in the fridge. His response to this idea is 'whatever.' I was sort of relieved 'cause now I could sleep properly and the kids' care won't get interrupted,” she added.

Ashim D’Silva via Unsplash
Ashim D’Silva via Unsplash

Despite the husband seeming indifferent toward the idea of reheating his meals, things reached a boiling point over the weekend.

“Well, at 11PM last night, he comes home while I'm sleeping after putting the baby to sleep. I wake up to him shouting for me from the living room. I rush out and ask what was happening and he tells me he's hungry and wants dinner. I tell him it's in the fridge and just needs to be reheated and he didn't have to wake me up for it.”

The husband then told her she needed to “go reheat it for him.” After telling him no, he started to laugh and told her she’s “ridiculous to assume that after working nonstop for an entire shift that he should be ‘expected’ to do a chore aka reheat dinner himself, when I'm here and I can do it.”

The two got into an argument after he complained she’s “not doing enough” in their relationship.

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“He comes an hour later yelling about how I've basically made him almost pass out from hunger just cause I'm petty trying to prove a point, I tell him he's being unreasonable to expect me to reheat his dinner when he could do it himself,” she added. “He gives me a nasty look then tells me he's going to bed hungry and I'm responsible for this then heads out.”

After some sleep the woman noted her husband silently got dressed and left the house “while turning his phone off.”

Reddit users were furious with the husband, and offering the woman some advice.

“This is not about food. This is about control, this is about respect. This is not something you're going to be able to handle on your own, you and your husband need neutral professional assistance to navigate this discussion. The behavior your husband is demonstrating is absolutely atrocious, it is disrespectful and unloving,” one user wrote.

“This is absolutely control. He spent more time and energy complaining about something than the minute of effort to do it himself," another added.

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