Reddit is slamming a husband who refused to tend to his kids and stay home while his wife, who he called "ungrateful," recovered from surgery.

"I had same day surgery. I was not allowed to drive myself to and from the hospital and was to have someone with me for 24 hours following surgery. I asked my husband to take me there and to take care of me. He agreed, which was a big reason I went ahead with it," the woman who had surgery wrote via Reddit.

She explained that her husband "runs a busy company," and therefore it is "difficult" for him to take time off.

"Bit of background: we have 4 children together under 6 in our blended family, and childcare duties fall mainly to me. I also work full-time. I just recently gave birth to our son," she continued.

On the day of her surgery, the woman's husband "begrudgingly" took her to the hospital.

"Once I am settled, I said it was fine for him to leave as long as he was back when I woke up from surgery. I called him an hour or so later to let him know I was going back and they would call him when I was going into recovery, before they brought me back to the room," she shared.

Once she woke up from surgery, her husband wasn't there.

"My husband finally got there as I was getting dressed and being put in the wheelchair to leave. He was annoyed with me for calling and texting asking where he was. He takes me home in silence. When we get back, I finally eat some chicken soup and the nanny suggests she take the kids so I can nap for a few hours. I agree and ask my husband not to go far," she recalled.

After her nap, the woman started "vomiting." She needed her medicine, which was in her husband's vehicle. However, he was nowhere to be found.

"I call him and it goes straight to voicemail repeatedly. I finally get a hold of him and he is working in the next county over, explaining he’s going to finish up and then head home. It’s a 30 minute drive and then he continues to work for a while," the woman wrote, adding that when her husband finally got home, he was "very upset" with her.

"We argue but then the nanny brings home the baby about 5 minutes after he gets there. He explained he rearranged his whole day because of my surgery and I’m very ungrateful. I explain that I’m not even supposed to be alone and he left to go to a county over and took my medicine with him," she explained.

The woman concluded her post by telling Reddit she was forced to "stay up most the night" taking care of their baby. Her husband, who left early in the morning, told her "not to call him" if she needed anything since she doesn't "appreciate it."

In the comments, Reddit users slammed the woman's husband, suggesting she consider leaving him.

"Your husband is a monster & unfit to be anyone’s husband, much less a father. I’m so sorry that you procreated with this creature," one person wrote.

"DIVORCE AND SEEK FULL CUSTODY. Dude thinks it's still the 1950s," another wrote.

"This man is an unfit husband and is going to be an absent father unless he changes his ways," someone else weighed in.

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