Janet Jackson's weight has yo-yoed throughout much of her life in and out of the public eye. Given her struggles with her weight, something that many of her fellow Americans battle as well, Jackson has accepted the post as the new face of the weight loss program Nutrisystem.

However, according to Reuters, Jackson's program is not just about losing weight via the "SUCCESS" diet plan. She plans to help feed the starving population, too! For every pound dieters lose in 2012, the company with donate a $1 worth of food to hungry people via Nutribank.

Jackson, a self-described emotional eater, was approached by Nutrisystem head honcho Joe Redling after he read her book 'True You,' which chronicled her battle of the bulge. Redling provided her with pre-packaged food to enjoy while she was on tour. That was all Jackson needed to get on board and to literally get with the program.

"When I was in hair and makeup, we were all taste testing. Everybody was going crazy for it," the 'Control' singer said. She confessed a love for the company's cheese puffs, since "it had been years since I wrapped my lips around cheese puffs because they were things I had to stay away from."

Jackson also will not document the actual amount of lbs. she sheds, either. "I'm going about this a different way by not putting a pound amount on it," she said. "It's about when I feel healthy, about when I feel good. That is how I want to be," she said. The singer, unlike the most of the population, works out with a trainer and says the exercise is an important component of the weight loss regimen, no matter who follows it.