The good news? Janet Jackson looks amazing (and seemingly ageless) in the new video for her seductive comeback single, "No Sleeep."

The meh? Don't expect too much action — in the bedroom or otherwise.

In the newly premiered video for the Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis-produced jam, Janet keeps things super cool and casual (and curly!) in her latest ode to an all-night (don't stop) romp, playfully smiling while wandering around a chic mansion and crooning her sensual tune.

In moments, she stands against a wall illuminated by vintage baby photos of herself...and her dad. During a sex song? Err. Well. It's for the nostalgia, darling! I guess. There's also a bit of trippy magnifying glass action.

As for dancing? No, not really anything — a head toss in a fedora here (a tribute to her late brother Michael, surely), a hip swivel there — but none of the signature choreography that effectively shook the world that we've come to expect. But, hey: Not all great Janet videos contain major dance routines.

Later on, J. Cole shows up to supply his newly installed verse, which will be featured as the album version, inexplicably splitting into multiple J. Coles all lip-syncing (sort of poorly?) at the same time around the house. Miss Jackson doesn't ever really interact with him as she smiles and watches — but she certainly doesn't seem to mind the company, either.

By the end, Jan's all cute, cuddled up and cozy on the couch and ready to catch some Z's at last. Maybe she's resting up to deliver the goods with the next round from her upcoming album? (I do like the part at the beginning when she's preparing a cup of tea.)

In a way, it's sort of like a more mature, tender take on the sensual room-to-room grindin' of "Rock With U" and "That's The Way Love Goes." Sort of.

Check out the video for "No Sleeep" featuring J. Cole up top, and let us know if the Queen of Insomnia got your blood pumping this AM.

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