Janet Jackson just released a new single titled "No Sleeep," has a brand new album coming out at some point called Unbreakable and will embark on a world tour later this year. So if she said she was too busy to take on any other ventures for the foreseeable future, we'd probably understand, you know?

But according to Entertainment Tonight, Janet is also set to release a jewelry line, ensuring her calendar stays packed forever. This has the potential to be exciting for anyone wanting to replicate Janet's style, but if you're someone who is constantly harassed by the fine people at Sallie Mae, don't bother deferring your student loans just yet -- you probably won't be able to afford the collection anyway. The line, which will be available through Paul Raps NY, is called the Janet Jackson Unbreakable Diamonds collection, and diamonds don't come cheap.

If you're looking to get a sneak peek at the collection, Janet's one step ahead of you. The 25 carat heart-shaped necklace and the 13-carat diamond ring she wore to this year's BET Awards are pieces from her upcoming line, and they retail at $2 million and $500,000, respectively. Here's to hoping Claire's comes through with knockoffs at some point.

Janet, whose skin refuses to wither and wrinkle like it's supposed to, will reportedly wear pieces from her diamond collection while on her world tour too. So if you can't afford the pieces themselves but still want to see the line up close, try splurging on front row concert tickets instead.

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