YouTuber Jenna Marbles is back with another makeup tutorial -- this time parodying Kylie Jenner and her famously (and much debated) overdrawn lips. Making fun of other beauty gurus on YouTube, Jenna launches into the most absurd beauty tutorial we've ever seen. She gives viewers advice on how to plumpen their lips ala Kylie, ranging from shaving your entire face and exfoliating with cat litter to using both fire and acid as a way to enhance her lips. We told you it was absurd.

Jenna eventually gets to the makeup part of the tutorial, where she advises viewers to line outside of the natural lip line, set the makeup with chalk, and then repeat the entire process ad nauseam. It's definitely a play on the countless makeup tutorials that are out there, and while we totally respect everyone who puts the time and effort into teaching viewers how to perfect the art of the cat eye, we have to admit -- Jenna's tutorial is pretty hilarious.

Take look at the video above and let us know how you feel about it!