It was announced earlier today (March 23) that Jennifer Lawrence's upcoming film role in the next X-Men: Apocalypse movie will mark her last time playing Mystique.

During an interview with MTV, Jennifer said of the movie, "It is my last one, actually." She did not elaborate any further. This coincides with what Simon Kinberg, the film's co-writer and co-producer, said in an interview last year. At the time he said (quotes via PEOPLE), "I will say that X-Men: Apocalypse is definitely the close of a trilogy for those First Class characters, which isn't to say we won't see them in future movies, hopefully we will, but it's a completion of an arc for them."

As for what's in-store for us with Jennifer's character in the upcoming film? According to Kinberg it looks like she'll get some extended screen time with another character, Beast, who is played by Jennifer's ex-boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult. Kinberg said, "The relationship between Beast and Mystique is a really interesting one that we didn't have a lot of time to explore in Days of Future Past, so we'll have an opportunity to do more of that in Apocalypse."

The movie is slated for a May 27, 2016 release, so make sure you check it out to see Jennifer's last turn as Mystique.

If you can't wait that long to get your JLaw fix (something we totally understand), her latest movie with Bradley Cooper, called Serena, was not released in theaters, going straight-to-DVD instead, so you might as well pick that up in the meantime.

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