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Joe Biden Gave Olivia a Strange Presidential Gift

A few months ago Olivia Rodrigo visited the White House to talk about the COVID-19 vaccine and encourage young people to get vaccinated. When talking to Jimmy Kimmel about her visit, she revealed the president gave her three gifts. Watch below to find out what they were:

More Than Half of Americans Believe in Ghosts

A new survey found that 63 percent of Americans believe in some type of paranormal activity. A whopping 49 percent of people even say they've felt the presence of a ghost before, while 22 percent of people think werewolves and zombies are real. (via SWNS)

Man Paid Off Debt by Eating Every Meal at Six Flags Since 2014

A California man named Dylan revealed his life hack for paying off all of his student loan debt. He says that he has been eating lunch and dinner at Six Flags Great Adventure since 2014. For $150 you can get an unlimited season pass that includes two free meals daily. By saving money on groceries he was able to stack up and pay off all of his debt, and he even bought a house! (via NY Post)

Tom Brady Gives Fan Bitcoin for Returning His 600th Touchdown Ball

This past weekend Tom Brady made history by becoming the first quarterback to ever throw 600 touchdowns. The wide receiver who caught the ball handed it to a fan in the crowd, not realizing its value. The fan was gracious enough to give the ball back to Brady. As a thank you, the Buccaneers rewarded the fan with two signed Brady jerseys, a helmet, another autographed jersey and some game-worn cleats. Brady also gave the guy bitcoin. (via TMZ)

Spanx CEO Gives Employees $10K and a Free Trip

Sarah Berkley recently celebrated selling her shapewear brand for $1.2 billion by rewarding her employees with a first class trip to anywhere in the world plus $10,000 in spending cash.

Paris Hilton's New Documentary Trailer Is Here

Paris Hilton documented her engagement for a new TV series on Peacock called Paris in Love. The show comes out on Nov. 11.

Chris Evans Is Buzz Lightyear!

Our first glimpse at Chris Evans voicing the iconic role of Buzz Lightyear is finally here! Watch the teaser below:

Inside Martha Stewart's Former $16.5 Million East Hampton Home

Take a look inside of Martha Stewart's $16.5 million home of 30 years. The cottage was built in 1873 and sold for nearly ten times what Martha paid.

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