And you thought that walking through a Polish airport without a shirt while it's 14 degrees out was bad. Now, Justin Bieber is dealing with a Calabasas neighbor claiming that the singer battered him during an altercation over a Ferrari. 

TMZ reports that The Biebs had a Ferrari delivered to his crib on a flatbed last night (March 25) and by the morning, the teen was racing up and down the road in the car. The neighbor was worried about the community, since the car was loud, creating some noise pollution, and even worse, the singer was driving at dangerous speeds. It was an unsafe environment all around.

The concerned citizen confronted The Biebs and that's when things got heated and tempers flared. An argument ensued and it was said to be intense. The accuser told authorities that The Biebs made physical contact with him and threatened him. A report has been filed.

At first we were confused, since The Biebs was chilling – literally -- in Poland yesterday, but TMZ confirmed that he returned home to the U.S. this AM. So he was back on American soil and could veritably have done what he is accused of doing.

Bieber sources said that the neighbor was also ranting and raving about how there were parties being thrown on the property while The Biebs was overseas and on tour.

The Biebs' camp says no physical contact was made and that the singer simply told the neighbor to get off his property and that was that. The Biebs retreated inside and the neighbor was escorted off the property.

Perhaps now the mystery of why The Biebs went shirtless in freezing temps has been solved. He knew he was flying home to L.A., so he was extra prepared to enjoy the pleasant weather. Who needs a shirt in warm, sunny California?

We're also a bit baffled as to why The Biebs came home for a few days. He is slated to perform in Europe again on March 30.

The publicity machine surrounding The Biebs keeps getting worse and worse and his rep is taking a beating. We are going to repeat an earlier suggestion: Pattie Mallette, Jeremy Bieber and Scooter Braun: It's time to step in...stat.

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