Justin Bieber has been laying a bit low, post-arrest. But there's lots of news surrounding him, including more Drake Bell nonsense and concerns regarding Selena Gomez and her overall role as catalyst for his issues.

His nemesis Bell continues his anti-Bieber campaign, which is somewhat baffling to us since we're not sure why he has taken this up as a personal crusade. Does he really have nothing else to do than attack Da Biebs?

Bell shared a link to the petition that is circulating and calling for the deportation of Bieber after last week's arrest for DUI and for drag racing, the charges of which may not stick.

The concerned American citizens and non-Beliebers are actually lobbying to get rid of the Canadian teen because of his bad behavior.

We the people of the United States feel that we are being wrongly represented in the world of pop culture. We would like to see the dangerous, reckless, destructive, and drug abusing, Justin Bieber deported and his green card revoked. He is not only threatening the safety of our people but he is also a terrible influence on our nations youth. We the people would like to remove Justin Bieber from our society.

As for why the charges may not hold weight? Well, it was revealed that The Biebs' BUA –blood alcohol level -- was nearly zero when he was arrested. Khalil, the other alleged drag racing driver in the Ferrari, had a zero BUA. The rapper's friends said that he does not ever drink. Initial reports suggested that The Biebs' BUA may have been higher.

However, both failed sobriety tastes, according to cops. Which means substances other than alcohol may be at play.

Also at play? Selena Gomez. Bieber's camp wants Sel to stay away from the singer since she is said to be the reason that he has entered a freefall. She is like a carrot dangling in front of him and when they fight, he gets into this sort of trouble. It's not very fair to blame Sel for driving him nuts, but...

The couple split for good at the end of 2012 but are on-off and were hanging out earlier this month. She reportedly asked him to go to rehab via text. She has also been the subject of a blind item referencing her own chemical dependencies, which are of course unconfirmed.

''There is always so much - ridiculous - drama involving both of them. They fight constantly and Selena loves to keep Justin hanging. He always acts out after they fight. Selena is just not good for Justin. They need to stay away from each other," a source said.