Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are, by all accounts, back together, riding Segway scooters and glamping. You know, glamping. It's pretty much turnt up camping that doesn't require them to use leaves as toilet paper or cook over an open fire or really sleep in a tent on the cold, hard ground!

The duo went camping glamping near Santa Cruz, Calif. over the weekend and they decided to crash out in a luxury motorhome at the swanky KOA Kampground. The catch? The RV is owned by The Biebs' bro Chris Brown, according to TMZ. Well, it's not like he's using it because of rehab and all.

The Biebs' dad Jeremy was there, as were bodyguards, to, you know, fend off errant owls or other wildlife.

It was a relatively cheap trip, since the parking spot for the RV costs $65. The vehicle, which has a price tag of well over a million bucks, has a master bedroom, kitchen, living room and more. Nothing like all the comforts home while enjoying nature, right?

In addition to Segwaying, Jelena also jumped on the camp's trampoline. Sounds like good times...even if they didn't come close to roughing it.

E! is raining on the Jelena shippers parade with reports that the couple has not reunited, did not go glamping and that they did not leave town together. An insider said, "Selena and Justin are not back together" and "Selena and Justin have not gone on any trips together. They have not left town together."

Hmm, sounds like a cover up. There have been too many reports, eyewitness sightings and Instagram photos to the contrary. We think SOMETHING is up, even if it's not a full-fledged relationship or Facebook official.

PopCrushers, what do you think?