Calling all Beliebers! Did you know Justin Bieber can solve a Rubik's cube in under two minutes? Or the very special reason why purple has been the Canadian king of pop's favorite color since birth? You can watch those crafty puzzle-solving hands in action and learn a bunch more little-known bits of Bieber trivia in the latest installment of Think You Know Pop?

Justin Bieber has been undergoing a bit of a renaissance lately. The former bad boy has been rehabilitating his image with a very public apology tour. But even as his past continues to haunt him — most recently, a Toronto Uber driver filed suit against the "Home to Mama" singer for an alleged assault — Biebs is refocused on his music. He revealed last month that he collaborated with Kanye West for his new, more mature-sounding album. And he was spotted onstage with Ariana Grande in Miami and his Jack U buddies Skrillex and Diplo at Ultra in March.

We aren't the only ones to have noticed the singer's new focus on a brighter, more positive future. A critic at Grantland ranked male pop stars by how embarrassing they are, and our boy Bieber — once voted the fifth most hated man in the U.S. — ranked surprisingly low. We know Justin took it all with his great sense of humor. After all, how else would he have pulled off such a hilarious Ozzy Osbourne impression?

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