Remember a few weeks back when Justin Bieber said he could beat any of the members of One Direction in a fist fight? Well, we want to see what all of you think about Bieber's mighty big assumption that he could K.O. any of the 1D dudes. We've already pitted the Biebs against Zayn Malik, but how do you think he would stack up against Louis Tomlinson?

As we said before, Bieber definitely has a huge advantage since he's been personally trained by boxing legends Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather. He also continues to grow into a man, getting more and more buff as time passes. And even though he's not a real "bad boy" per se, Bieber has been in trouble before. He's being sued over a scuffle with a paparazzo and has even been in a highway chase! Now if that's not tough, we don't know what is.

Meanwhile, Louis Tomlinson is a fairly easy-going guy, and he hasn't really been at the center of any controversies, and he certainly hasn't been in the ring with Tyson or Mayweather. Despite all of this, we think Tomlinson taking on the Biebs would make for a great boxing match. The 'One Thing' singer is definitely buff, and it looks like he's got a few more inches on the 'Boyfriend' crooner.

What do you think, PopCrush readers? Would Justin win, or would Louis be crowned the champ? Vote (once per hour) below! And remember, this is all in good fun, and we certainly don't want to see either of these guys ever fighting because violence is never the answer!